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Jonathan Harrah

Jonathan Harrah - Ashtanga Teacher


From first glance they all seem to be doing the same thing. The overwhelming gathering of the breath. What do I do? Ekam in-then Dwe exhale? Jump back? Float where? A bit of a grip. Wow, what I'm doing is not what she's doing. Look where? The teachers guide  us with hand, foot, and voice. Deepening this personal adventure. From a quick glance it may seem like warm up for our circus performance. In a way, we are but we mold this practice to suit that body. This eight-limb path of mind and body entices our strengths  and parades our weaknesses, chipping at both to bring balance. A balance achieved through regular practice. Ashtanga is what I call my practice. 

Ashtanga is what I do. 
My path to Yoga starts with Hung Kung Action. Watching the films and playing the parts of classic heroes in my head led me to Martial Arts. Life got in the way, as it does. Soon I found Yoga. "I can bend in funny ways. I can do this." So I did, off and on,  until Ashtanga. My lady leads me to my first teacher. Through the generic glass door; up the dark, stale stairwell; and through a plain wooden door. The lobby's warm and welcoming and the owner's just the same. To the changing room! The practice space: soft  and bright. Ganesha standing at the front of the students all lined up in their rows. Class is world changing. I have never sweated so but the urge to return wells inside. I found a Yoga that fits and changes me for the better. I have been practicing Ashtanga  since 2009 and teach since 2014.
Most of my training hours have been spent between Kino Macgregor and Tim Feldmann, over 200 hours. But there are so many others to listen to. Some I have had the privilege of learning from include: David Swenson, David Williams, David Kiel, David Garrigues (Okay, I just wanted to list all the Davids because it's funny). I have trained with them and others.

Take away something from everyone. If I'm not, i'm not listening.




My yoga journey began in 2012 when I suffered a back injury due to a medication allergy. Isn’t that a common story when we talk about yoga? I found my way to the mat out of exasperation. When I tell my story, I always start it this way. “I ended up here because of a medication error.  That nurse changed my life.” I have always been a spiritualist, and I believe we end up where we are meant to be. My yoga practice has transformed my mind, my heart, and my body. From that heart-centered and abundantplace, I have developed a love of community. I give back to this beautiful world in every way I can. 

I completed yoga teacher training in Johnson City, Tennessee, my current home base. I am a lifelong gypsy, a poet, a dancer, a traveler, an artist, a running coach, and a wellness enthusiast. I focus on holistic health in my practice and like to integrate other healing remedies into my yoga classes, such as aromatherapy, sounds, massage, energy healing, and dance movement. I teach Yin Yoga and Yin Flow with a focus on the breath and the importance of the mind/body connection.



I teach yoga because I believe in it as a way of life. My personal practice began after a friend in high school invited me to a class. I was hooked from the start but I did not truly commit to the practice until many years later. After I found myself in a crises situation with my infant son, I asked God for guidance. God led me to Harmony Yoga in 2012 where I earned a 200hr YT certification under Lisa Moore. I received a fantastic Hatha based foundation, rich in yogic philosophy and in the wisdom of the chakra system. It was a healing experience and a wonderful complement to my massage and bodywork and Reiki practices. I felt like I had a sense of direction again.  After a few years of teaching, I went back to Lisa for a 300hr certification; The emphasis this time was on yoga as therapy and Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga, was woven throughout the training. My understanding of yoga and of myself was greatly deepened by this second training and by application of what I learned. I teach from experience and I teach from my heart.  My passion is in helping others. Whether I’m working one on one with a client or leading a group I try to meet the needs of the day. I believe anyone can practice yoga and that developing the right type of practice is key. I see myself as a life long learner and an artist at heart; I think having fun is crucial to peaceful, balanced living.  I am thrilled to be living in these beautiful mountains, sharing yoga with this community and I look forward to yogic fellowship. 



So, whether you do your first downward dog at 14 or 44, it’s not your history but your presence on your mat that counts” Pattabhi Jois.   This has inspired me to practice daily for the last ten years. Going to the mat daily to practice movement with breath continues to motivate me to build on the Ashtanga basics.  I have had some amazing and diverse teacher training experiences with 500 hours from Stephanie at the Asheville Yoga Center, Intensive Ashtanga trainings with Kino and Manju, Kundalini with Sierra Hollister and Therapeutics with Doug Keller, to name a few.   What I have learned is… we do yoga every minute of every day of our lives.  As much as yoga is time on the mat it is also how we live our lives, how we treat others and the choices we make.   Come join me as we develop the practice together and as PK Jois says, “Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory”.  Inhale ….exhale. 



Our special guest teacher for the next few months comes to us from the Yoga capital of the world Rishikesh, India.

Shikha was one of Nikki Flood's teachers while she studied in India and through the years has become her dear friend and spiritual sister. 

Shikha worked in corporate for many years but struggled with depression as she felt she was not living here true purpose. She left her corporate job and began working as a choreographer in the Bollywood industry. Shikha enjoyed her new job but still craved a more spiritual and healing path in her life.  

Her introduction to yoga was the answer. The depression lifted and she knew at that moment what her purpose was. She now shares the healing power of yoga, meditation and pranayama with the world. 

 She has studied with many of India's greatest yoga teachers as well as

many respected meditation and pranayama teachers.  She is also a certified (Level 2) Reiki healer.